Since the Re-inception of the Palais Royale Ballroom in 2006, the Pegasus Hospitality Group has maintained a ‘Green and Local’ vision and continues to expand and grow on that premise with all our venues and operations today.

Recruiting Chef Steffan Howard was one of the first moves Pegasus made to help ensure a green future. Steffan’s grassroots history of promoting and utilizing excellent local product, as well as his advocacy for “Acting Local in a Global Climate” has helped The Pegasus Hospitality Group create a new path in Toronto and the GTA’s catering and banqueting scene. Chef Howard has set a new standard for cuisine for large groups by providing a personalized and customized retrospect of your menu and its contents. Our group proudly stands behind our emphasis on understanding ‘where the food we eat comes from’ as well as the advantages of the Pegasus Hospitality Group providing a 5 star dining experience normally only found in Toronto’s best and most recognized restaurants. We absolutely guarantee traceability, freshness and creativity while maintaining the Green Values in all our cuisine.


  • Build Strong Relationships with Local ProducersGreenStory-2
  • Initiate Communal Charity Fund Raising Events
  • Harvest our own Honey
  • Grow Vegetable and Herb Gardens at all of our Locations
  • Have a Green Mindset in the Operations at all our Locations
  • Take Pride In Educating Our Clients About The Advantages Of Thinking Green and Local
  • Are Excited about What the Future Holds for Likeminded Groups


A big part of providing excellent service and product comes from the relationships we have with our partners and suppliers in the industry. They help inspire us to think the way we do. We hope that they will inspire you too.

Please enjoy the relationships we hope you will build by knowing these great groups and people:

Canadian Chefs Congress
Champagne Poultry Inc
The Cheese Boutique
Chocosol Chocolate Traders
Forbes Wild Foods
The Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation
Montforte Dairy
Ontario Craft Brewers
Ontario Food Terminal
Silverstein’s Bakery
Slowfood Toronto
St John's Bakery

How can I find locally grown food?

Market Finder Ontario Fresh online marketplace to help everyone involved in local food grow their business. Whether you’re a grower, producer, chef, caterer, buyer or foodservice distributor, Ontariofresh.ca will give you new opportunities to source local quickly and easily.

Directory of local, organic food sources in the Toronto region: www.veg.ca


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